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Dr. Mary "May" Larry, Ph.D. - Nonprofit organization 501 (c)(3)Filing 

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File For A 501c3 Today - Qualify For Grants

The best way to get your nonprofit organization 501(c) (3). Get it done correctly at the state and federal level. World-class support team

Dr. Mary ‘May’ Larry, Ph.D., is a business professional and is well-versed in her knowledge of policy and procedures. She is the Vice-President of the Business & Professional Women’s Federation of C.O.G.I.C. Worldwide, and President of the Illinois Midwest Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Business & Professional Women’s Federation. Along with over 25-years’ experience in the business industry.  

"Let's get started today working on YOUR organization 501(c) (3)!"


A Great Success!

What a blessing! A wealth of knowledge was disseminated to:

Churches, Administrators, Vendors, Business Owners, and Desired Business Owners. An evening of networking! At our Annual B&PWF Working Dinner

*Hybrid BPWF 2021 Seminar Event*

Until next year Friday, September 16, 2022!

Please enjoy the photograph!

~Dr. Mary “May” Larry Ph.D.

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501 (c)(3) For Nonprofit Business

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