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Dr. Mary "May" Larry, Ph.D. - Nonprofit organization 501 (c)(3)Filing 

Friends - this message to let you know that, with a heavy heart, my mother, Mother Catherine Ann Larry, passed away.
"Gone Too Soon"
We are saying goodbye to a matriarch! Catherine Ann Larry, mother  Psalm 116:15

Mother Catherine Ann Larry has been a resident of the Maywood community since the 1970s and has been a devoted member of the local church (Miracle Revival Cathedral) for more than 40 years, in addition to her activities as a wife and mother. She has prepared meals for innumerable young people who have been to her house. She has also volunteered and served at several local charities, always prioritizing the needs of others over her own. Her efforts to the community have been important, and her selflessness and kindness have been a blessing to everyone who knows her.


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Dr. Mary ‘May’ Larry, Ph.D., is a business professional and is well-versed in her knowledge of policy and procedures. She is the Vice-President of the Business & Professional Women’s Federation of C.O.G.I.C. Worldwide, and President of the Illinois Midwest Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Business & Professional Women’s Federation. Along with over 25-years’ experience in the business industry.  

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A Great Success!

What a blessing! A wealth of knowledge was disseminated to:

Churches, Administrators, Vendors, Business Owners, and Desired Business Owners. An evening of networking! At our Annual B&PWF Working Dinner

*Hybrid BPWF 2021 Seminar Event*

Until next year Friday, September 16, 2022!

Please enjoy the photograph!

~Dr. Mary “May” Larry Ph.D.

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