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”Everybody can be great, because anybody can serve.”  ~Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The flag of the

United States of America

W/ my brother (Tommie)

Dr. Mary "May" Larry, Ph.D.

W/ Son (Nathan) & Grandbaby

A Community Servant

501 (c) (3) Filing

W/ Former Cook County Commissioner Richard R. Boykin

Signature Drive


W/ Bucks minority owner

Dr. Valerie Daniels-Carter 

Dr. Larry book signing w/ singer Dorothy "Dottie" Peoples 

 Family Reunion W/ Cousins

W/ Honorable Juliana Stratton, Illinois Lieutenant Governor 

W/ Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., American civil rights activist

W/ Former Hon. Dorothy Brown, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County

W/ Dr. Willie Wilson, American businessman 

W/ Al Sharpton Jr., American civil rights activist

W/ Rev. Bernice King, Daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

W/ Martin Luther King III, American human rights advocate

Our beloved Maywood resident

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