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 60-Minute Millionaire Networking Event - 2023


                                                                                                                 *Annual IMEJ-B&PWF Event*


A night of networking!

You may register to be present, in person, with limited space availability!

The topics of discussion will centrally focus on Nonprofit 501(c)(3), funding opportunities, and business resources! This is an excellent event for entrepreneurs, future entrepreneurs, business owners, pastors, churches, community leaders, and future young philanthropists!

There will be an open mic for each attendee to give a 30-second elevator pitch for their business. A night of networking!

Let's network by: strengthening your network's business connections, Tap into your network for ideas. Raise your professional profile. Grow your personal brand, Get access to job opportunities, Exchange best-practice knowledge with your network, Get career advice and support, and Build your confidence!

We shall see YOU there!

Click the below link to purchase your tickets today:


"2023" Networking Event

"2023" Networking Event



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      We appreciate you coming!

Our networking evening was fantastic!

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